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Actually, it was a material suitable for eyeglass framesKnow the bamboo frame

Craftsmen's handmade

It is completely handmade not mass-produced. You can only get one glasses in the world.
Spare time by using natural materials, the glasses that are carefully built has a unique touch and color that "bamboo" has, which other materials can not taste. It is a glasses satisfied by the person who took it.
It is glasses you can feel in the "five senses" of a human being who is weakening.

It is natural that bamboo such as bamboo, drawing bamboo and sesame bamboo is different, but even if the same type of bamboo is used to be cut out from the same bamboo, the same thing can not be done exactly.

Each is the original frame with only one in the world.
And, as time goes on, the color of the frame changes daily to a deep candy color, which is one of the unique ways of enjoying natural materials.
Bamboo eyeglasses of "DOKUSOUTIKUHOU" are exactly "living glasses frames", which makes me feel bored, as it gets used up, the original flavor of "bamboo" comes out.

Mr. Yutaka Kasashima graduated from local Fujishima High School, who is the creator of "Bamboo glasses", and has a career of manufacturing glasses for over 40 years, aiming at the same spectacle craftsman's path as Mr. Yoshie of his father. Moreover, its predecessor is also the lineage of "miyadaiku" in the generations "craftsman".

Originally we had been manufacturing cell frames etc. for many years. Ten years ago, when accompanied by the dismantling of the house, He came up with the idea of making bamboo glasses "He want to preserve" soot bamboo "stuck on the back of the ceiling somehow.

However, in the beginning, using round bamboo and using bamboo for several trucks until completion, it has repeatedly failed to think over and over for many years.

Currently, we have several patents in manufacturing bamboo eyeglasses. Also, all processes are handled by craftsmen, from stocking bamboo as material, cutting out material from bamboo, making parts, assembling and polishing.

In other words, it is handmade by craftsmen to every detail.

It can be said that very rarity value is very high because Mr. Kasashima is the only one in the world that can make this glasses.

●June 8, 2007 Patent acquisition Patent number3968240 
●"DOKUSOUTIKUHOU" is a product brand name (trademark registered).
Registration No. 469 2340

About bamboo materials with high scarcity value

Why is the rarity value high?
First of all, it is impossible to process with familiar round bamboo, and it can not be processed into glasses unless it is thick bamboo. So, about 10 years ago, glasses craftsmen encountered Kyoto bamboo designated by Kyoto Prefecture, the bamboo had thick walls that grew only in "Kyoto" which is a fertile land, and whose temperature difference is violent, It is square square bamboo. The bamboo is bamboo which was care and processed one by one by bamboo farmers in Kyoto. And, the material that can be used as glasses from that one bamboo material is whether or not it can take 15 pieces from 10 glasses, and in some cases cracks may occur during bending process and there are many cases where it can not be used at all.

Even the same bamboo grew up in different environments and the weather condition of that year has quite different properties. Depending on the site from dozens of files, and furthermore by the experience of many years of craftsmen, we will slightly change the power adjustment and cut it. Also, since it uses broken bamboo, it can not be used because of mold and wormhair etc.

※ Only Kyoto in Japan is producing horny bamboo in the world.
※ Only Kyoto in Japan is producing horny bamboo in the world.
Although it is a difficult material like this, there is no other material that has the texture of the bamboo and the texture of the skin. Now it is difficult to obtain materials, so I'm going to Kyoto's production area and having a scarce value as much as I can book a bamboo material two years away.

※ After 2013, the production volume was 10% of the peak of the past, only 1-2 carved bamboo producers in Kyoto.
Production of horn bamboo is not currently produced unless specially requested, it is getting hard to obtain in the future.

For that reason, we have been correcting some price for bamboo frames since January 2015.
Humbly, thank you for your understanding.

Also please understand that there is a possibility that new bamboo eyeglass frames will be impossible to fabricate depending on the production situation of horny bamboo in the future.
What kind of place is bamboo made?
The material square bamboo (Kyoto bamboo) is produced only
in the mountainsof Kyoto city in Japan and is made of bamboo
farmers managed from soil for many years.
Until a long time ago, there was a lot of demand for this bamboo
in Japanese style rooms,tea ceremony equipment etc. 
In the heyday there were dozens of bamboo farmers. 
Since demand is low in recent years, there are only about one remaining.
It is said to be a beautiful rectangular bamboo that can be shipped
as a product is about1 in 10 baskets, and bamboo
that did not become square in some cases grows too much
and it may be deformed to grow it into beautiful square bamboo It is very difficult.
Therefore, in recent years it has become impossible to obtain
beautiful Kyoto bamboounless you make a reservation before one year.

Photo: Unusual Bamboo Flower which is said to be once in decades
京都市内の山中 京都市内の山中
<Thin mountain road as thin as light truck can pass> <Fence is established and managed>
京都市内の山中 京都市内の山中
<You can see fallen trees in the back, but bamboo shima
When growing the tree does not grow>
<The flowers bloomed in bamboo at cycle of several decades,
There are also years when the bamboo will be wiped out that year>
Bamboo craftsmen's work scenery of horn bamboo (Kyoto Precious Bamboo)

Bamboo craftsmen's work scenery of horn bamboo (Kyoto bamboo)

Every spring, two bamboo shoots are tied together
and two L-shaped wooden boxes are tied up and fixed
so that they will not collapse.
And remove the wooden box from the sultry rainy season
around early summer, In case of drawing bamboo, we will
attach the pattern by brush etc etc by hand. Of course, 
the feet can be patterned relatively easily, but it is extremely difficult
in the vicinity of the tip, which is around 10 m in length,
and further work is done while wearing protective clothing
to use chemicals, so the work in the hot season
It is more harsh than I imagined.
In the case of sesame bamboo, a beautiful sesame
pattern emerges naturally by cutting off all the branches
after removing the crates.
And, in November we will remove the wooden box
and cut down only the carefully selected bamboo
with commodity value out of the blue bamboo still
in the blue state. After correcting the oil drainage
and the bending of the bamboo by heating one by one
with the charcoal one afterwards, after finishing
the natural drying finally to finish the dirt on the surface finish
the beautiful Kyoto bamboo called white bamboo
from the common blue bamboo It will be completed.
京銘竹生産農家 京銘竹生産農家
Enclose trees in 'bamboo shoot' Do not fall asleep one by one
京銘竹生産農家 京銘竹生産農家
In keeping with the growth, add another wooden frame and support it with a rope. Pruning work at altitude so as not to block sunlight
Drawing operation of bamboo drawing
(Although it is done in summer, it is a very tough task to do while wearing themselves with protective clothing because it contains acid etc.)

Bamboo's wonderfulness

It will not fall off

It may be caused by nose pads that fall off.

Most people who are using eyeglasses think that you have trouble with "glasses are getting drifted out" trouble.
This is mainly due to "sweat and nose fat" adhering to the nose pads, which plays the role of lubricant and drifts out.

Bamboo is very "absorptive" and has the characteristic of "sucking in and discharging" sweat "of this drift factor.

"Nose pad" is also made "made of bamboo", in order to inhale the perspiration of this factor, with eyeglasses hung, for example, even if you shake your face up and down it will not shift.

In addition, numerous "conduits" run on bamboo, and moisture flows along the bamboo, and when you look at the surface of the bamboo with a microscope etc., it is uneven. Therefore, it plays the role of grip like a new tire, and it is more difficult to slip.
Demonstration experiment (bamboo nose pads inhale sweat) (Some errors due to humidity etc.)

Reason why glasses do not slip off

竹製鼻パットは汗を吸い込み、吐き出します。 竹製鼻パットは汗を吸い込み、吐き出します。 竹製鼻パットは汗を吸い込み、吐き出します。

Drop a drop of liquid on bamboo and nylon resin. (Purple liquid compared to sweat)    
Immediately after hanging, the bamboo runs like a conduit, the liquid spreads.    
  After about 5 minutes, the bamboo spreads further along the conduit and is almost dry.

Like this, "bamboo nose pad" sucks "sweat" which causes cause of drift, the glasses do not fall off!
Normal pads never inhale "sweat".
I carried out a demonstration experiment where the frame inhales sweat.

Bamboo sucks sweat and has a spit characteristic.

<I was putting a bamboo frame in a tank>   <About 20 minutes passed>
水に浮く竹製メガネフレーム 水に浮く竹製メガネフレーム
The weight of the frame before entering
the aquarium 24 g.
It floated on water!
It did not settle after 20 minutes and the
experiment was over.
Then the weight of the frame is 25.8 g

The fact that the weight of the 1.8 g frame increased after 20 minutes means that if it is considered as a human sweat, it sucks in that much sweat. (It differs somewhat depending on the frame)
※ The lens uses a plastic lens. Depending on the lens, it may sink.
* Even when wet, it will dry naturally and dry.
Excellent durability
The surface of bamboo glasses is not used at all, such as coatings, varnishes, etc. It is glossy shine only after being polished.

In addition, it is also recommended for those with metal allergy and nickel allergy because of natural materials.

From old days "Bamboo leaves do not spoil when rice balls are wrapped" · "Bamboo craftworker does not become athlete's skin disease ·" Panda's feces living on bamboo leaves lingering on bamboo leaves is not odorous " The efficacy of it is communicated.

It is known that there are effects and efficacy of "antimicrobial (sterilization)", "antioxidant (anti-corruption)" and "deodorant" in the ingredients contained in bamboo, and it is said that it is a human-environment friendly ecological product I will.

It is also excellent in heat resistance, it is a material that is difficult to deform even in a hot car in summer.

Because bamboo has hard surface (pencil hardness equivalent to 7H) It is hard to scratch and the inside is soft, so it gets used to the face gradually with the heat of human body temperature 35 ~ 36 ℃ to wear enough.

Actually, the material called bamboo can be said to be the best material for spectacles that are not unique in other glasses.
Aging of color

Eyeglass frames to grow by oneself

Kyoto bamboo is a bright, whitish color when glasses
are completed,also known as "white bamboo". 
Since the coating etc. are not applied at all on the surface,
 it gradually changes to a deep candy gradually
due to the influence of ultraviolet ray etc. 
of the sun every time it is used.
(There are individual differences depending on usage situation,
but as soon as color changes in several weeks)
Even glasses of the same design will come out
with individual differences in color, so it will be the only unique
texture in the world.
※ Some products are manufactured to be deep candy
from the beginning by smoking the surface of bamboo with fire, 
but because coloring etc.are not done, you can enjoy the secular
change of color even in this case.
Such a bamboo eyeglass frame can be said to be a familiar thing
like "leather goods" for many years to be "glasses frame
that grows by oneself"

※Bamboo glasses used for over 10 years
One-half the lightness of the plastic frame

It is durable and lasts long like a bamboo measure

You can feel the lightness that you can not imagine from the heavy look of appearance.
About half of the volume of bamboo is a layer of air, about half the lightness of the same type plastic frame. It is lighter than a cigarette (about 25 g)!

Moreover, since it is much more sturdy material than a plastic frame, even if it is used for many years like a plastic frame, the fabric does not shrink, and you can hang it with ease for those who want to use for a long time.

Even now, some parts of overseas such as China and Hong Kong are used for building scaffolding for buildings and others, as in Japan as long as bamboo was used as "ruler" from long ago, it is stronger and more distorted than imagined It is also a very small material.

In addition, there is no feeling that it will be a cold "hi" when wearing glasses, and you can experience the feeling of warmth and warmth that you can only taste with natural materials you have never experienced before.

All products use "spring hinges", so hanging and hanging comfort is also the best.
Bamboo Glasses
Comparison of weight (same design)

It is lighter than it looks

竹めがねは通常フレームの半分以下の軽さです 竹めがねは通常フレームの半分以下の軽さです
Approximately 15.6 g
(Bamboo frame: without lens)
Approximately 29.8 g
(Plastic frame: without lens)

Bamboo is different from the appearance, it is a very light material more than imagined.
In the case of the same design, you can experience less than about 1/2 the lightness of Titanium Frame and Cell Frame etc.
Eyeglasses are basically used mostly from morning till before going to bed. If so, the lighter one is comfortable with less burden.
Recommended for allergies

Ideal for those with delicate skin

In those who are using eyeglasses, people who suddenly can have symptoms of "metal allergy" appear rapidly increasing due to various causes.
Even if the upper part of the ear or the periphery of the nose pat is "red", the so-called metal allergy, even if it covers that part with a resinous cover or cloth, it reacts to the metal in it and the glasses I think that there are also people with troubles such as unusable.

In the case of bamboo eyeglass frames, all parts that touch the skin are "bamboo" so it is a highly recommended glass for those who like this.
Of course, please do not worry because it is a natural material that does not use any coatings or varnishes on the surface.
※ Metal use place is only "hinges" and "Kings (place to fix nose pads)", neither will directly hit the skin.

Wooden eyeglass frames are also the same natural materials, but some people with allergic symptoms may sometimes ooze out of wood, wooden oil, resin, etc, so the material of the part directly hitting the skin is "Japanese bamboo I recommend you.
Until now all over the country have exchanged for bamboo eyeglass frames and bamboo nose pats, so we have a lot of voices saying "I have no symptoms" "Symptoms have become lighter".

※ If you would like to be patch tested by dermatology etc before purchase, we will send sample bamboo material for free, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Manufacturing process of bamboo frame

Fusion of nature and craftsmanship

It takes about 3 days or more to complete a single bamboo glass​(We are extracting some from more than about 100 processes)

Eyeglass Factory (Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture)
Workplace photo(Even in the summer, wood chips dance so we can not use air conditioners.)
竹めがねのできるまで Cutting of bamboo as a material.
I use quite carefully for precious things. If bamboo is too dry, it will not break easily and those with a dented surface can not be used.
竹めがねのできるまで Align the length of the cut bamboo with the thread saw.
竹めがねのできるまで Filing on the front and temple grinders.
It is the most important and troublesome process that goes carefully by cutting and shaping carefully, such as rounding and burning, by hand.
竹めがねのできるまで It is a hand polishing process of the front temple. Depending on the place, material, and habit, we will be polished by many years of experiences of craftsmen from among tens and hundreds of large and small files.
Bamboo eyewear It is a drilling process for hinge.

Even a little bit, the balance of the glasses will collapse.
竹めがねのできるまで It is the final polishing process.
We will remove fine scratches with buff polishing or fine sandpaper, and will produce a beautiful gloss and gloss.
竹めがねのできるまで It is a picture after buffing.
Finally, assembled and inspected each part and completed!
It will take about 3 days or more so far.
* Even skilled craftsmen may break up somewhere in the middle of this process depending on the failure of bamboo of that year.
Choose the type (material) of Kyoto Precious Bamboo

It is said that there are about 1,200 kinds of bamboo in the world and 600 kinds in Japan.

Bleached bamboo alias: White bamboo
Surround the four sides of bamboo shoots that are about 20 to 40 centimeters on the ground with an L-shaped plate frame and extend the plate frame according to the growth of bamboo shoots and extend it. It grows into a square "square bamboo".
※ If you grow too far for the wooden frame, you dig into the inside, or conversely if the growth is slow, it becomes a round bamboo, so it is difficult to judge.

And it is a bamboo that boils its horny bamboo, exposes it to sunlight, and after drying it corrects bending. It can also be said that the bamboo's original beauty is the pattern that appears best.

The hardness of the surface is the same as that of pencil 7H. Even a rasp blade has a hardness that is lost in several glasses production.

Drawing bamboo
In addition to sulfuric acid diluted with water, clay and sawdust mixed with small sand a little, plus features special bamboo, we will paint one square "Bamboo" with long brush. (Formulation is a different secret formulation depending on bamboo craftsmen)

It is necessary to adjust the concentration of the liquid according to the season, the weather, and the humidity, and the paint and concentration adjustment depend on the experience and intuition of the bamboo craftsman. A tasteful and beautiful pattern attracts people.

Sesame bamboo alias: rust bamboo
If you cut down branches of "square bamboo" at 5 to 6 meters above the ground and withered standing, you will not be able to make nutrients through photosynthesis, and a clean sesame pattern will appear on the surface.

If you touch it, you can enjoy gritty feel, and in the place called Kyoto where the difference in temperature is intense, wonderful sesame bamboo will grow. However, it is difficult to raise good sesame bamboo.

Tortoise bamboo
Moso Bamboo is a bamboo malformation baby born by a mutation, and its shape is named "Tortoise bamboo" because it is reminiscent of a turtle shell.

Roots bamboo
It is literally the part of the roots of bamboo.
There is a bamboo model with a luxury brand bag, but it is the same material used for this handle etc.In recent years, a thin root bamboo that is suitable for temple material of eyeglasses is not available.

Cloth bag bamboo
It was named cloth bag bamboo because it is inflated short and clogged between nodes, which is reminiscent of the inflated belly of the seven lucky god bags. As shown in the picture on the right, only one hundred tribe cloth bag bamboo between equal nodes is bred.

Bamboo with narrow interval
Bamboo with a narrow inter-node between the bamboo roots appears very rarely. As described above, bamboo with short node interval is hardly distributed at present.


Bamboo used for eyeglasses uses rectangular bleed angle bamboo (Moso bamboo).


Bamboo used for spectacles uses rectangular bamboo bamboo (Moso bamboo).


Bamboo used for eyeglasses uses rectangular bleed angle bamboo (Moso bamboo).


※ Only Temple can be used.


※ Only Temple can be used.