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Order procedure

Do you know degrees?
Easily I will make you your frequency with glasses. 
If you have never purchased a pair of glasses on the net also please purchase in comfort. 
You can easily make your purchase!

With a degree lens

Because there is the option of "with a degree lens", please select. 
For more information, about the frequency refer to.

Lens type

Then Please choose the type of lens. 

~ ~ If the do not know what may be selected which lens 
to the place where any lens does not know what good is, the [I want to contact the recommended because do not know] 
Please select. 
Which lens is a good car communication with consideration of the frequency and frame you have chosen you have just tell you 
we will be contacted. 

 optional lenses detailed list [domestic lens] ※ is a price of the right and left 1 set.
Type of lens
Lens price
Standard processing
Refractive Index
1.50 spherical lens 
¥ 6,000
UV protection
1.60 spherical lens 
¥ 9,000
UV protection
1.60 aspheric lenses 
¥ 13,500
UV protection
1.67 aspheric lenses 
¥ 16,500
UV protection
1.74 aspheric lenses 
¥ 22,000
UV protection
 ★ is an estimate only.

Lens option (Damaged coat)

The surface treatment of the lens, the lens on the strength and beauty, it is possible to maintain the comfort, it also combines water-repellent performance and oil repellent performance.

When using without degrees

If it is not in your as Datemegane, please select the Datemegane lens.
About color lens
If you wish to color lens, Please choose the color (32 colors) from the optional items. 
Please check the color of your choice in the color sample page. 
※ sunglasses If you use in (no degree), please choose only color lens. 
Sample pages of the lens color is here!
Marking free!
Engraved also put us at no charge. It will also be pleased to gifts or your anniversary. 
Those who wish will proceed after selecting the [put], please fill in the remarks column. 
Click here for details about the engraved 

※ usually put "semi-cursive script," but, please fill in the remarks column in the case where there is a font of your choice. 
※ if you can write "engraved image hope" in the remarks column If you wish to stamp image, you will be sent the image image of the seal by e-mail, please rest assured. 

● engraved image 
Image of engraved

degree with lens, color lens, engraved, cancellation after confirming your order, returned goods, the commodity change Please note we can not accept. 

Some products, there is also the case for stock of over-the-counter selling. Because we will contact you by order confirmation e-mail, please understand. 
Shopping information

Shipping fee ・ Payment method

  • Nationwide free shipping.
  • You can use the payment method cash on delivery, credit card payment or the like.

Product delivery

  • Once you order, we will contact you in the confirmation e-mail the day of delivery of goods, etc. from our shop.
  • For orders of up to 12 o'clock on weekdays of the 15-o'clock Saturday in stock product is scheduled to ship on the day. With regard to product of the lens processing and engraved hope it will take about one week. Please acknowledge.

Exchange of merchandise ・ Returned goods

Although every effort has been made about the quality of goods, if the event products there is such damage, stain-defective portion, or if your order is different than if you can connect within one week from the delivery to, exchange and returned goods we will carry out.

Business hours

◎ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year accepted ◎ 
Jitsumiseshiki sales of AM10: 00 ~ PM7: 00 
We Wednesday become a regular holiday.

Privacy protection

In Co. roots, from customers personal information (name, address, e-mail address, etc.) that the transfer to a third party does not do absolutely. Please use with confidence.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Please feel free to contact us even a trivial matter. 

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About visit

When you come to shop, so we are on the map here Please see the. 
Since there are also goods that are not in stock at all times, it is fortunate if you can let me know before coming to the store.