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Guarantee・Handling Precautions

About warranty
I want to have a responsibility to use it forever. Therefore, we will repair, adjust, etc without charge.

* If you use adhesive etc. yourself, it may become worse and it may be difficult to repair. Please be sure to send fragments etc. together as it is. - Although it may be paid for lost, broken parts, over 1 year elapse etc., please do not hesitate to contact us first. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything that makes me feel comfortable and trouble.
About return
You can return it!
Although you are interested, customers worried about whether the size of glasses fit on the face can return with return system.

※ However, the prescription lens is not eligible for return. If you are concerned, "We do not order eyeglass lenses, name engraving marks etc at the beginning, we will send it back after we try to fix the item, we will put the lens after mounting, put the name and send it again" We recommend the flow.

When sending, please contact us by telephone, e-mail etc, and send it to the following address.

■ Contact information ■
Roots Inc. Makoto Sasaki TEL: 0778-51-1661 E-mail: info@roots-web.jp

■ Shipping address ■
〒 916-0042 Roots Inc.  1-2-9 Shinyokoe, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture TEL: 0778-51-1661

※ Shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

※ When sending, please be sure to put in the glasses case etc. for "lens scratches and breakage prevention". Also, it is helpful to wrap the lens with tissue paper etc and send it. Also, if there are damaged fragments etc, please send the parts and fragments etc. together.
Handling precautions for bamboo and wooden glasses
Natural material glasses are very delicate.
It is a point for long use.

● Take Temple  with both hands and take your eyeglasses hanging slowly in front, keeping them along your face.
● In the front, the lens groove is dug and the thin wall is thin Please be careful not to apply shock, load etc. especially.
● The bamboo fabric ・ wooden fabric itself is a very sturdy material, but since it has been subjected to many processes, the strength falls somewhat from the bamboo fabric ・ wood fabric before processing. Therefore please be careful about handling.
● Frames with spring hinges, bamboo wood frames hate moisture, moisture, dust, etc. on a structural basis. In bathing, sauna, sea bathing etc. Please remove your glasses. Also, opening the temple by force can cause failure.
● There is some looseness (play) somewhat loose in the spring hinge number. Please understand that this is a play (play) which can not be improved in terms of structure. It is by no means defective.
● When dirt or the like is badly generated, when washing with a washer etc., bamboo made ・ wooden glasses are weak against moisture, so within about 10 seconds, immediately wipe off moisture thoroughly with cloth etc. after washing Please.
● When placing, please be sure to point the surface of the lens upwards. Turning it down will cause scratches.
Also, please note that in case of a full rim type frame, there is a possibility of damage if placing the thin front part or the thin part at the bottom down.

● Because we carefully selected and processed natural materials, the wood grain and color condition of bamboos and trees etc may be slightly different at the front and the left and right temple (hulled), but this is only natural Since it is being produced in combination, we must recognize again that it is only one bamboo and wooden glasses in the world that one article can not have the same pattern / color as two pieces.
● Please do not deform or adjust the frame at yourself or your purchase store. It may cause breakage or breakage. Also, do not repair yourself when the frame is damaged, please bring all damaged parts and consult your retailer.
● When your glasses get wet, please wipe them with glasses immediately. As it is left untouched, the water mark on the lens will be like a spot and can not be taken. Also, the frame may cause metal rust and discoloration / alteration.
● When carrying, be sure to wear the lens part with a special glasses wipe beforehand and put it in the case. Please keep it in the case after carefully keeping it when keeping it. Also, if stored for long periods in places such as insecticides, toilets / bath detergents, cosmetics, hairdressing or chemicals, deterioration, deterioration or discoloration of both lens frames may result.
● To people with allergies - When abnormalities such as itching, rash, eczema, etc. occur at places where the frame touches the skin, such as nose and ears, stop using it immediately, stop using it, Please see a doctor in your department.
● When going to bed - Please take off your glasses when going to bed. If you go to bed while wearing glasses, it may cause damage to frames and lenses, or shape breakdown.
● When you carry it, when you keep it When you carry it or do not use it, after carefully wearing it with a cloth to protect the lens, please put it in the glasses case. Also, please do not store in storage place such as insect repellent, detergent, cosmetics, hair conditioner, medicine etc when storing. It may cause lens, frame alteration, discoloration, deterioration.