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Payment・Delivery・Specified Commercial Transaction Law

About price

Required fee other than item price

Display amount, consumption tax will be the amount of. 
※ However, the method of payment is cash on delivery or convenience store to pay in the case of, etc., will require additional fees.

* For overseas shipments, the Japanese domestic consumption tax (10%) is exempted.
*Therefore, we will discount 10% from the displayed amount.

about shipping cost

Nationwide uniform free 
(only domestic shipping)

About cash on delivery commission

Uniform 540 yen (including tax)  
will be sent COD courier of your order confirmation after the black cat Yamato. 
Please pay commodity price + delivery charge 540 yen (including tax) in cash to the goods arrival time. 

※ The settlement by COD items will have an upper limit becomes up to 300,000 yen. 
 If you purchase more than 300,000 yen, please use the prepayment of bank transfer. 

Convenience store postpay

Settlement commission: 200 yen (tax included)

Arrears payment in arrears .com [deferred payment dot-com] convenience stores, banks, post office

  • This service is provided by the "deferred payment .com (dot com)" operated by the (stock) catch the ball. Check the following notes, on consent, please use.
  • You can pay at a bank, post office, convenience store.
  • Changes to our shop, invoice from (Ltd.) catch of deferred payment .com operating company will be sent.
  • Arrival of the invoice and the arrival to the product will separate.
  • Please pay from the invoice issued until after 14 days.
  • If past the payment due date, delinquency charges based on the consumer contract law and, please note that it takes 300 yen re-invoicing fee for each re-billing.
  • Gift orders and gift order (if the product delivery destination is different from the order's address) even available.
  • There is a case where I am allowed to contact you by phone to verify your identity.
  • Personal information and ordering what you have been registered in our site, we will be provided only in the (stock) catch range required for the service of deferred payment .com.
  • Depending on credit result might not be available for this service. If this is the case, you will be if you change to another payment method.
  • Destination of the delivery company of office stop of the goods can not be a (sales office visit taking over).
  • If the service had you use the, you will be deemed to have assented to the above-mentioned notes.

Bank transfer (prepayment)

After your order, please transfer the commodity price to the following account within 7 days. 
(If your payment within 7 days can not be confirmed, your order will be canceled) 
I will ship goods after a payment check. 

 [Handling Bank] 
 Fukuiginko Shinmei (Shinmei) Branch usually 6018671 Co., Ltd. roots 

※ transfer fee sorry, your burden I will consider it as. 
※ ATM case from the payment in the "cash", one of the maximum amount is for 100,000 yen, the case of more than 100,000 yen sorry to trouble you, but is in, divided into 2 times thank you for your procedure.

Credit card (prepayment)

Settlement fees: Free
in net sales, as a credit payment system "PayPal" we have introduced. 
※ sorry to trouble If you wish to Yamato Transport Kuroneko web collect but, please fill in remarks to that effect. * PayPal is an advanced credit card payment services that are available in 190 countries. However become a lump-sum payment only, installments you'll need to request to the credit card company customers are on your own. Our customers please on the check you use your terms and conditions of the credit card you use.


Flow when using PayPal (Mail settlement system)

● When ordering, please select the "credit card" at the time of the settlement method selection from the shopping basket. (At this stage, the card information is not input)
● after your order, after the inventory check from our shop, [order confirmation email (which is separate from the automatic email delivery) and [Paypal billing mail] send the two copies of To do. 
● Please complete your payment along the flow of the PayPal payment procedure. 
  (Because there is no automatic delivery, the case of our regular holiday, etc., you may become a regular holiday dawning)
● soon take the confirmation of your payment, we will send it out as soon as possible. 

※ from October 1, 2012, once the settlement amount of the payment amount of PayPal is the case of more than 100,000 yen in the identification procedure became mandatory. 
Customers are applicable, whether you upgrade from the link below PayPal Premier account, it is useful to go to advance the identification procedure We select the sole proprietor of the business account. 
Please troublesome person is, it is also possible to settle in two please feel free to contact us because it is. 

> PayPal -  identification procedure method of personal account
-> PayPal  for the submission of identification documents of the business account 

Other Options

The PayPal
security level of PayPal is the industry's best-in-class. By adopting the encrypted communication (SSL168 bit), the personal information of our valued customers, you can protect your card information at the industry's highest level of security. Without having to shop inform the important card information , and more safely can pay.

Handling defective products
Defective products such as damage caused by our mistake, on the contact us in advance within seven days from the commodity arrival date, please return by the carriage cash on delivery. Good and the exchange or capable of repair will be repaired.
About delivery company
Yu-Pack will be or delivered in Yamato Transport. 

We accept the specified delivery specified-hour zone. 
Time zone specification You can choose from among the six below. 
"12:00 -14", "in the morning" "at 14 o'clock -16" "16:00 -18," "18:00 -20," "20:00 pm -21" 
※ however, can not be some areas the time specified Please note that there is also the region.
Delivery time

In the case of bank transfer / credit card settlement

After the payment, credit your payment confirmation, it will be shipped within the day or the next day. (Except for regular holiday). 
Please contact us if the goods do not arrive even after 1 week. 
(In the case of engraved beating service lens specification, please understand that it takes about one week to dispatch arrangements.) 
By any chance, in the case of out of stock we will contact you separately.

Cash on delivery

We will ship the day or within the next day of your order date (except for regular holiday). 
(In the case of the lens specification, please understand that it takes about one week to dispatch arrangements.) 
By any chance, in the case of out of stock we will contact you separately.
About payment method

About payment method

Bank transfer, credit card, pay a convenience store, you can use the COD (cash on delivery).
Payment deadline

In case of bank transfer / credit (prepayment)

Thank you in advance. After you order in this page, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail after an inventory check. 
Please refer to the transfer or credit settlement registered within 7 days from the order confirmation e-mail receipt date. 
After confirming your payment or credit registration, it will be shipped within the day or the next day.

Cash on delivery (COD)

Please pay to a delivery member at the time of goods receipt. (Basic but is a cash payment, please ask the postman to the credit card or change to the debit card payment details also because it is possible when the commodity receipt in case inadvertently and there is no ready cash in)
Handling of returns

By any chance, you do not meet the face, painful and multiplied, if or when products such as different as color or the like is thought is bad, if the breakage and damage, etc. delivery middle accident occurs, as ordered, Please be assured that I will receive the returned or exchanged if different things have been delivered.

★ the exchange and return of the following items, please understand we can not accept. 
* Those that have elapsed after delivery more than a week. 
* Those that became your use. 
* Individually produced, processed products in our company. 
 (Such as prescription lens degrees with sunglasses lens engraved strike, custom-made Temple exchange reform) 

★ for the condition and the natural materials of the monitor, please understand that there may be some published photograph and a color tone is different.

Return shipping fee
Defective product exchange, wrong product delivery exchange the Company will bear.
Privacy policy
Personal information from customers (your name, e-mail address, address, telephone number, such as order information), except when there is a legitimate reason, you shall not be provided to third parties in the state capable of personal identification.

Corporate information

Company name Roots Inc.
Name of sales manager Mr.Makoto Sasaki
Shop name Roots
Location 2-2-20, Honmachi,Sabae City,Fukui pref,916-0026,Japan
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FAX +81-778-51-1671
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